The following are the current district subcommittee chairpersons:

County District Chair District Region
Anderson VACANT x-2C Eastern
Andrews VACANT x-16B Western
Angelina VACANT x-3B Eastern
Aransas Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Archer VACANT x-14A Northern
Armstrong Michael Hales 13 Northern
Atascosa VACANT x-12C Southern
Austin VACANT x-5A Eastern
Bailey Michael Hales 13 Northern
Bandera VACANT x-15C Central
Bastrop VACANT x-8C Central
Baylor VACANT x-14A Northern
Bee Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Bell VACANT x-8C Central
Bexar Faye Bracey 10 Central
Blanco VACANT x-15B Central
Borden VACANT x-16A Western
Bosque VACANT x-8B Northern
Bowie VACANT x-1B Northern
Brazoria VACANT x-5C Eastern
Brazos VACANT x-8A Eastern
Brewster Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Briscoe Michael Hales 13 Northern
Brooks Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Brown VACANT x-15B Central
Burleson VACANT x-8A Eastern
Burnet VACANT x-15B Central
Caldwell VACANT x-8C Central
Calhoun VACANT x-12C Southern
Callahan VACANT x-14C Northern
Cameron VACANT x-12B Southern
Camp VACANT x-1B Northern
Carson Michael Hales 13 Northern
Cass VACANT x-1B Northern
Castro Michael Hales 13 Northern
Chambers VACANT x-3A Eastern
Cherokee VACANT x-2A Eastern
Childress Michael Hales 13 Northern
Clay VACANT x-14A Northern
Cochran Michael Hales 13 Northern
Coke VACANT x-15A Central
Coleman VACANT x-15B Central
Collin VACANT x-1A Northern
Collingsworth Michael Hales 13 Northern
Colorado VACANT 5D Eastern
Comal VACANT x-15C Central
Comanche VACANT x-14B Northern
Concho VACANT x-15A Central
Cooke VACANT x-14B Northern
Coryell VACANT x-8B Northern
Cottle VACANT x-14A Northern
Crane VACANT x-15A Central
Crockett VACANT x-15A Central
Crosby Michael Hales 13 Northern
Culberson VACANT x-17A Western
Dallam Michael Hales 13 Northern
Dallas Charles Gameros 06 Northern
Dawson VACANT x-16A Western
Deaf Smith Michael Hales 13 Northern
Delta VACANT x-1A Northern
Denton VACANT x-14B Northern
DeWitt VACANT x-12C Southern
Dickens Michael Hales 13 Northern
Dimmit Michael Urena 12D Southern
Donley Michael Hales 13 Northern
Duval Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Eastland VACANT x-14C Northern
Ector Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Edwards VACANT x-15C Central
El Paso VACANT x-17A Western
Ellis VACANT x-7B Northern
Erath VACANT x-14B Northern
Falls VACANT x-8B Northern
Fannin VACANT x-1A Northern
Fayette VACANT x-5A Eastern
Fisher VACANT x-14C Northern
Floyd Michael Hales 13 Northern
Foard VACANT x-14A Northern
Fort Bend VACANT 5D Eastern
Franklin VACANT x-1B Northern
Freestone VACANT x-2C Eastern
Frio Michael Urena 12D Southern
Gaines VACANT x-16B Western
Galveston VACANT x-5B Eastern
Garza VACANT x-16A Western
Gillespie VACANT x-15B Central
Glasscock VACANT x-15A Central
Goliad VACANT x-12C Southern
Gonzales VACANT x-12C Southern
Gray Michael Hales 13 Northern
Grayson VACANT x-1A Northern
Gregg VACANT x-2A Eastern
Grimes VACANT x-5A Eastern
Guadalupe VACANT x-12C Southern
Hale Michael Hales 13 Northern
Hall Michael Hales 13 Northern
Hamilton VACANT x-8B Northern
Hansford Michael Hales 13 Northern
Hardeman VACANT x-14A Northern
Hardin VACANT x-3A Eastern
Harris Jeffrey Jansen 04 Eastern
Harrison VACANT x-1B Northern
Hartley Michael Hales 13 Northern
Haskell VACANT x-14C Northern
Hays VACANT x-15C Central
Hemphill Michael Hales 13 Northern
Henderson VACANT x-2A Eastern
Hidalgo Miguel Nogueras-Castro 12E Southern
Hill VACANT x-8B Northern
Hockley Michael Hales 13 Northern
Hood VACANT x-14B Northern
Hopkins VACANT x-1A Northern
Houston VACANT x-2C Eastern
Howard VACANT x-14C Northern
Hudspeth VACANT x-17A Western
Hunt VACANT x-1A Northern
Hutchinson Michael Hales 13 Northern
Irion VACANT x-15A Central
Jack VACANT x-14B Northern
Jackson VACANT x-5C Eastern
Jasper VACANT x-3B Eastern
Jeff Davis Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Jefferson VACANT x-3A Eastern
Jim Hogg Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Jim Wells Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Johnson VACANT x-7B Northern
Jones VACANT x-14C Northern
Karnes VACANT x-12C Southern
Kaufman VACANT x-1A Northern
Kendall VACANT x-15C Central
Kenedy Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Kent VACANT x-16A Western
Kerr VACANT x-15C Central
Kimble VACANT x-15C Central
King VACANT x-14A Northern
Kinney VACANT x-15C Central
Kleberg Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Knox VACANT x-14A Northern
Lamar VACANT x-1A Northern
Lamb Michael Hales 13 Northern
Lampasas VACANT x-15B Central
LaSalle Michael Urena 12D Southern
Lavaca VACANT 5D Eastern
Lee VACANT x-8A Eastern
Leon VACANT x-2C Eastern
Liberty VACANT x-3A Eastern
Limestone VACANT x-2C Eastern
Lipscomb Michael Hales 13 Northern
Live Oak Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Llano VACANT x-15B Central
Loving Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Lubbock VACANT x-16A Western
Lynn VACANT x-16A Western
Madison VACANT x-8A Eastern
Marion VACANT x-1B Northern
Martin VACANT x-16B Western
Mason VACANT x-15B Central
Matagorda VACANT x-5C Eastern
Maverick Michael Urena 12D Southern
McCulloch VACANT x-15B Central
McLennan VACANT x-8B Northern
McMullen Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Medina VACANT x-15C Central
Menard VACANT x-15A Central
Midland VACANT x-16B Western
Milam VACANT x-8C Central
Mills VACANT x-15B Central
Mitchell VACANT x-14C Northern
Montague VACANT x-14A Northern
Montgomery VACANT x-5A Eastern
Moore Michael Hales 13 Northern
Morris VACANT x-1B Northern
Motley Michael Hales 13 Northern
Nacogdoches VACANT x-2B Eastern
Navarro VACANT x-2C Eastern
Newton VACANT x-3B Eastern
Nolan VACANT x-14C Northern
Nueces Michael McCauley 11 Southern
Ochiltree Michael Hales 13 Northern
Oldham Michael Hales 13 Northern
Orange VACANT x-3A Eastern
Palo Pinto VACANT x-14B Northern
Panola VACANT x-1B Northern
Parker VACANT x-14B Northern
Parmer Michael Hales 13 Northern
Pecos Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Polk VACANT x-3B Eastern
Potter Michael Hales 13 Northern
Presidio Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Rains VACANT x-1A Northern
Randall Michael Hales 13 Northern
Reagan VACANT x-15A Central
Real VACANT x-15C Central
Red River VACANT x-1B Northern
Reeves Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Refugio VACANT x-12C Southern
Roberts Michael Hales 13 Northern
Robertson VACANT x-8A Eastern
Rockwall VACANT x-1A Northern
Runnels VACANT x-15A Central
Rusk VACANT x-2A Eastern
Sabine VACANT x-2B Eastern
San Augustine VACANT x-2B Eastern
San Jacinto VACANT x-3B Eastern
San Patricio Michael McCauley 11 Southern
San Saba VACANT x-15B Central
Schleicher VACANT x-15A Central
Scurry VACANT x-16A Western
Shackelford VACANT x-14C Northern
Shelby VACANT x-2B Eastern
Sherman Michael Hales 13 Northern
Smith VACANT x-2A Eastern
Somervell VACANT x-14B Northern
Starr Miguel Nogueras-Castro 12E Southern
Stephens VACANT x-14C Northern
Sterling VACANT x-15A Central
Stonewall VACANT x-14C Northern
Sutton VACANT x-15A Central
Swisher Michael Hales 13 Northern
Tarrant VACANT x-7A Northern
Taylor VACANT x-15D Central
Terrell Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Terry VACANT x-16A Western
Throckmorton VACANT x-14C Northern
Titus VACANT x-1B Northern
Tom Green VACANT x-15A Central
Travis Brandon Starling 09 Central
Travis VACANT 09 Central
Trinity VACANT x-2C Eastern
Tyler VACANT x-3B Eastern
Upshur VACANT x-1B Northern
Upton VACANT x-15A Central
Uvalde VACANT x-15C Central
Val Verde VACANT x-15C Central
Van Zandt VACANT x-2A Eastern
Victoria VACANT x-12C Southern
Walker VACANT x-5A Eastern
Waller VACANT x-5A Eastern
Ward Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Washington VACANT x-8A Eastern
Webb VACANT x-12A Southern
Wharton VACANT x-5C Eastern
Wheeler Michael Hales 13 Northern
Wichita VACANT x-14A Northern
Wilbarger VACANT x-14A Northern
Willacy VACANT x-12B Southern
Williamson VACANT x-8C Central
Wilson VACANT x-12C Southern
Winkler Natasha Brooks 17B Western
Wise VACANT x-14B Northern
Wood VACANT x-1B Northern
Yoakum VACANT x-16B Western
Young VACANT x-14C Northern
Zapata VACANT x-12A Southern
Zavala Michael Urena 12D Southern