Welcome to the website of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee (UPLC) of the State of Texas. The UPLC is appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas.

The UPLC is charged with preventing the unauthorized practice of law.  The practice of law involves specialized knowledge and skills.  The practice of law by persons who are not authorized to do so frequently results in the loss of money, property or liberty. The State of Texas limits the practice of law to persons who have demonstrated their knowledge of the law through education, who have passed a rigorous examination on the laws of Texas including the rules of ethics, and who have passed a character review.  The UPLC is prohibited from giving advisory opinions.

This website is intended to provide information regarding the UPLC, answer frequently asked questions about the UPLC and its function, and to provide a form for making a complaint online regarding the unauthorized practice of law.

Tenemos disponibles formularios de agravio en Espanol. Para solicitar un formulario, por favor llame al (512) 427-1341.